pay owners electronically

Pay Owners Electronically

Rentec Direct's simple owner payment wizard figures out how much they are owed and it sends them their funds electronically.

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Eliminate the hassle of paper checks

Forget the hassle of calculating how much your owners are owed and sending them a paper check each month. With ACH owner payments, this process becomes so much easier.

ACH owner payments use the same system favored by utility companies, banks, and credit cards for accepting payments from customers. Now, you can make use of the same technology for paying your owner disbursements each month.

How owner ACH payments work

  1. The owner provides you a bank account to deposit their funds into.
  2. Each period, you run the owner payments wizard which will tell you how much income the property has, minus expenses, minus reserve.
  3. Click SEND to send the owner their funds and automatically update your ledgers.

Seriously, it's that easy! Your owners get their funds faster, and you spend just a few seconds processing their payments.

Our EasyPay FAQ covers most of the commonly asked ACH questions.

What does it cost?

Great News! Electronic owner payments are free with your Rentec PM subscription.

Benefits of Paying Owners with Rentec Direct

Elevate your property management business with modern owner payment tools. Your owners will love getting paid directly into their bank accounts and you’ll love the time saving benefits created with the pay owner wizard.

  • Faster funding options for your owners
  • Automatically process payments
  • Attract more owners with streamline payment processing and direct deposits
  • Automate your processes with green, paperless initiatives
  • Owner payment options include ACH payments and checks printed directly from your software

Our Online Payments FAQ covers most of the commonly asked ACH questions.