Say goodbye to snail mail, paper checks, deposit slips, and tracking late payments. Collecting rent online is easy for you and your tenants.

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Collect Rent Online

Online rent payments with Rentec Direct save you time and money when rent is due. Your renters can securely pay rent online from their checking account, credit card, or debit card.

With options to set up automatic rent payments or one-time payments from a phone or computer, paying rent is a breeze for your tenants and the funds are available in your account with no additional work on your end. Plus, you won't have to worry about manually entering any rent payments into your accounts.

Free For You, Free For Your Tenants

When your tenants pay rent online from their checking or savings account (ACH transfer), there are ZERO transaction fees for you or your tenants.

Online rent payments are included with your Rentec Direct account. No setup fees, no long-term contracts. It’s just one of the awesome features included in your Rentec Direct property management software. Learn about more Rentec Direct’s features.

Pay Rent in the Tenant Portal

Give your renters access to their very own Tenant Portal. The Tenant Portal lets your renters pay rent online, view copies of their lease agreement, submit maintenance requests, see property notifications, and order renters insurance.

Property Managers and Renters Love the Tenant Portal:

Stephen S. Landlord

This app offers just the functionality that tenants need without making it too difficult or clunky. I love how the payments page shows a history of charges and payments and hides the background details that the landlord put in which is the correct way to do it. I've never had this app crash and it easily allows the tenant to set up one time or ongoing rental payments and allows them to submit maintenance requests. Great job.

Ben N. Tenant

I love it! Soo much easier to make monthly payments and report any type of issue at home!

More Reasons to Love Online Rent Collection

eliminate late payments

Eliminate Late Payments

Renters who set up automatic payments are less likely to pay rent late. We did a study to prove it!

long term tenants

Promote Long Term Tenants

Give your tenants the services they want and a reason to stay with you for a long time.

streamline accounting

Streamline Accounting

Online payments are automatically displayed on your tenant and property ledger.

full rent payments

Enforce Full Rent Payments

You can decide if you will accept full or partial rent payments from your tenants when they pay rent online.

access funds

Instant Access to Funds

Get access to your funds quickly, with the option to set up same day funding.

multiple accounts

Set up Multiple Accounts

You have the option to set up multiple merchant accounts as needed, helping you keep everything organized.

pay rent with credit card

Pay Rent with Credit Card

Let your tenants choose their preferred way of making a rent payment with options to use a credit card, debit card, or checking account.

pay owners electronically

Pay Owners Electronically

Property managers can send owner disbursements electronically via ACH transfers.

How do I collect rent online with Rentec Direct?

Online rent payments with Rentec Direct give you access to your own EasyPay Merchant Account. With your Merchant Account, your tenants can pay their rent through the Tenant Portal from their checking account or with a debit or credit card.

An EasyPay Merchant Account is included with your Rentec Direct account at no additional cost. You simply need a business checking account and a credit score above 600. Once you sign up for a Rentec Direct account, we will walk you through the process of setting up your Merchant Account so you can start collecting rent online.

Rent payments made from a bank account (ACH transfer) are completely free for you and your tenants. Credit card and debit card payments have a 2.95% transaction fee that can be passed on to your tenants.

For more details and information about collecting rent online with Rentec Direct visit our Online Payments Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

More than just Online Rent Payments

With Rentec Direct, you get more than an easy online rent collection system. Rentec Direct’s property management software includes tons of great features to make your job managing rental properties as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a tenant, if your property manager or landlord uses Rentec Direct you can pay rent by logging into the Tenant Portal or by using The Resident Connect app available for both iOS and Android.

Yes, Rentec Direct has an app that tenants can use to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with their property manager. The app is called Resident Connect and is available for both iOS and Android. Tenants can also log in to the Tenant Portal with any web browser to pay rent as well.

Rentec Direct has an integration with Rent Reporters which enables tenants with good payment history to have that history positively impact their credit score. This promotes on-time payments and reduces delinquencies. This is offered at no cost to Rentec Direct clients. Tenants can sign up for this service from within the Tenant Portal or the Resident Connect app. Learn more about the Rent Reporters integration.

Yes, Rentec Direct makes this a simple 2-click process where you enter the property owner's bank account information and enter a dollar amount and the funds will automatically transfer from your account to theirs. A payment to an owner would be an outgoing ACH transaction, which has a cost of 50c.

Yes, in addition to ACH, tenants can pay rent with a credit or debit card. You may configure a processing fee for credit card payments which will offset your merchant processing costs.

ACH payments are transmitted to your bank account within 2 days; however, banks vary on how long it takes for them to show it as deposited into your account. Larger national banks often show the payment as posted or pending within 24 hours of it being transmitted. Smaller credit unions and regional banks can sometimes take an extra day or two. Credit card payments are transmitted to your bank on the business day following the payment.

All landlords and property managers with a business banking account are eligible. The business must be listed in your state's business registry and be in current good standing. Unregistered sole proprietors qualify as well. You just need to have a business checking account for the funds to deposit into, as the banks will not transmit rental payments to personal bank accounts. If you don't have a business checking account, they are easy to setup at most banks for both registered businesses and sole-proprietors.

Once you have a Rentec Direct account, you can apply for a merchant account from within the software. Setting up your Rentec account takes less than a minute and the merchant application process takes about 10-15 minutes. Most merchant approvals happen within 1 business day. You could be receiving online payments from your tenants as early as tomorrow.