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Instantly Review a Tenant's Credit History

Reviewing the credit of a prospective tenant is a critical step in ensuring their financial stability and responsibility

Checking a tenant's credit is quick and easy

Reviewing the credit of a prospective tenant is a critical step in ensuring their financial stability and responsibility. A peek into the credit history of a tenant can quickly identify behaviors of either good payment history or poor payment history. For this reason, running credit on a tenant is considered best practice for all landlords and property managers as a routine part of the screening process.

Rentec Direct provides both landlords and property managers a quick and easy method to access tenant credit reports.

Tenant Credit Reports for Property Managers & Full-Time Landlords

As a property manager running credit reports on your applicants greatly reduces your risks of accepting troublesome tenants and can alert you to potential payment problems before an applicant signs a lease.

Our credit report powered by TransUnion provides:

  • FICO Credit Score
  • Payment Patterns and Payment History
  • Public Record Search (tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments)
  • UD/ Skip
  • Collection Accounts
  • SSN Validation
  • Residence/ Employment Information (according to what Bureaus have on file)

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This report requires a one-time site inspection. If you are you a Landlord without a business license or do not wish to wait for a site inspection you may opt for the Tenant Credit Report for Landlords. [ learn more ]

Tenant Credit Reports for Landlords

Rentec Direct’s decision tenant credit report for landlords provides the credit screening benefit, without the requirement of submitting a business license or a site inspection. It's a decision report that’s perfect for individual landlords who have an investment property but it’s not a full time career.

The landlord credit report is also very easy to read and therefore does not require a degree in credit science to understand what everything means. With just a glance you can determine quickly the credit worthiness of your potential renters.

Onsite Inspections (for full credit reports only)

To order full credit reports, all credit bureaus and resellers require that you have a site inspection. It's a simple process where a contracted site inspector visits you at your office/home office at a time that is convenient for you and they'll verify that you are working in a secure environment that does not allow public access to your computer.

They will also verify that you have the ability to secure or dispose of any printed credit reports properly by way of a paper shredder and a locking filing cabinet. The site inspection fee is $50.00. This is the cost from the site inspection company, which we do not mark-up.

But while you wait for the site inspection to be completed, as long as we’ve received your other required items you can order and view the Tenant Credit Report for Landlords as well as all other criminal and public record reports so you don’t have to wait to evaluate the applicants you need to screen right now. Any Credit Report Cards you order now will automatically be converted into the full Tenant Credit Report format at no charge once the site inspection is completed!