Tenant Screening Products

TransUnion Credit Reports

Credit reports, powered by TransUnion, are available to both property managers and landlords. Licensed property managers and landlords have access to a full credit report with a FICO credit score. Rentec PM and Rentec Pro clients also have access to a credit report summary report and credit score range for quick review of an applicant's financial responsibility. See tenant credit reports product information for more details.

Criminal Background Checks

Rentec Direct provides criminal background checks in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories. We've coupled superior search logic with the industry's leading criminal background searches database to offer the most comprehensive coverage available.

Criminal SuperSearch

Most clients feel our Criminal SuperSearch is the best value. The criminal background searches an instant multi-state search of criminal records, including the District of Columbia. Each Criminal SuperSearch report contains a wealth of information, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry

The Nationwide Sex Offender Registry includes sex-offender records provided by each state. Reports contain information on sex offenders from 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The offense levels listed will vary by state.

Statewide Criminal Comprehensive Reports

Statewide Criminal Comprehensive Reports combine multiple sources of information in a single search. Report information may include, but is not limited to, court-level felony records, court-level misdemeanor records, traffic records, department of corrections data, and information from state sex-offender registries.

Statewide Criminal Search

Statewide Criminal Searches provide online access to public criminal records from each state. Search results may include felony, misdemeanor, and/or traffic-case information. Each state's case information will also vary upon years of coverage as well as turnaround times.

Inmate Records

Inmate Records provide information from each state's department of corrections. Reports can include information on an individual's probation and parole and give active or inactive status within a state facility. Information in reports will vary depending on the state.

Arrest Records

Arrest Records are available in a limited number of states. The information in these records helps determine if you should run a criminal search for a single county. (Please remember that you should not make placement decisions based solely on arrest records.)

Criminal Search for a Single County

This search provides criminal records held at the county-seat level. Reports generally include felony and/or misdemeanor records. A single-county search is especially valuable when you need to perform a more comprehensive and/or current database search.

Social Security Number Verification and Address History

When screening a potential tenant, the first step is to verify the individual's by inquiring a Social Security number search. Each SSN check reports the applicant's name to the Social Security number search as reported by the Social Security Administration and the three credit bureaus. Report information may include, but is not limited to, current and former address history, the applicant's age and/or date of birth, and the applicant's county of residence.

Evictions & Bankruptcies/Liens/Judgments

These two products can cover bankruptcies, civil judgments, evictions, tax liens and small claims judgments filed at the county level for all 50 states. The State/County coverage varies and most counties are updated weekly. Liens reported are federal, state, and sometimes county tax liens.